About creative

Why do we need to be creative ?

Every human being is unique, and one thing that can make somebody unique is by being creative, for me creative is the way we look for something in a different way, and different approach. As a human, we need to compete from others, and by being creative, we can stand up and transform our self one step ahead from the others, so we need to be creative to keep us alive. Life is about competition, if we can’t compete, then we’ll be vanished.


Who is the most creative figure ? Why ?

For me, the most creative figure is Steve Jobs, all the people in the world knew that he is the ” Father ” of creativity . He dare to be different from his competitor at that time, and he still believe that with his creativity, even it’ll take a long time to prove, he’ll beat his competitor and fulfill his dream. Now we can see that his hard work had been paid off. He uses his creativity to rule the world !


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