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Innovate SBM ITB using SCAMPER

Innovation is a soul of every product and institution in the world. SBM ITB is a best business school in Indonesia, to keep their existence they have to keep innovate, one of the method that they could use to innovate is SCAMPER. I’ll try to help SBM to innovate using SCAMPER


Substitute the lecturer with a computer


Combine SBM from learning center into entertainment and learning center, by combine sbm with shopping mall concept


Make a computer lab into game center, so the students can enjoy their spare time to refresh their brain by playing a game


Modify the SBM rooftop that still unused until now, by converting it into restaurant

Put to other uses

Use the campus as a dormitory so the student can stay in SBM


Eliminate all the rules and make the student to take all the responsibility for everything that they wanted to do


Make a new system for the student, give the student a money bonus for every scores that they get, higher score get higher bonus






Facebook Business Model

Facebook is the most booming website in our world right now. Their creativity and innovation to create a platform for people to communicate with others in the cyber world has made Facebook can achieve their position. Their innovation has made a lot of people join facebook. They have made a big potential market for everyone that trying to sell something in facebook. That’s why, even they give the customer a free membership, they are still producing a lot of money from this website, and all this money came from the advertiser that trying to advertise their product. To maintain their position right now, they have to spend a lot of money for innovation and also for their domain, by continuing their Innovation, i am still believe that facebook can hold their prime position and keep moving to the very top.