Google Goggle’s

Google goggle’s adalah salah satu aplikasi terbaru dari google, apa saja fungsinya, mari kita cari tahu :

1. Barcode

2. Qr Codes

3. Images search

4. Menambah contact kedalam phonebook dari kartu nama

Kelompok kami berusaha membuat facebook model dari aplikasi ini :


Key Partner

Mobile Phone OS, such as Android, Blackberry, IOS Apple, etc. Social   Media such as Twitter, Facebook, Path, Instagram, etc.

Key  Activities

Identify barcode, Qr Codes,  brand, and pictures.

Key Resources        

Software, Technology, Intellectual Property

Value Proposition      

Translate the barcode, Qr codes, brand, pictures in to text.

Customer Relationship          

Online communities, giving free information for the user.


Google, Website, social media.

Customer Segments    

Everyone that already download and use google goggles.

Cost Structure      

Software, server, administration & IT emloyee

Revenue Streams  




We also try to innovate google goggle’s using scamper


Can identify face of people, so we can know what she/he is name, address, hobby & personality


Online and offline media. If online can connect with social media such as facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.


The information given is faster and more updates.


Add feature of chatting.

Put to other uses      

Google Goggles look likes social media, with the search engine which is can find our identity of friend with pictures.


Eliminate the standard content such as text searching


Google Goggles not only as search engine but also as social media for chatting and sharing information.


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