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Google Goggle’s

Google goggle’s adalah salah satu aplikasi terbaru dari google, apa saja fungsinya, mari kita cari tahu :

1. Barcode

2. Qr Codes

3. Images search

4. Menambah contact kedalam phonebook dari kartu nama

Kelompok kami berusaha membuat facebook model dari aplikasi ini :


Key Partner

Mobile Phone OS, such as Android, Blackberry, IOS Apple, etc. Social   Media such as Twitter, Facebook, Path, Instagram, etc.

Key  Activities

Identify barcode, Qr Codes,  brand, and pictures.

Key Resources        

Software, Technology, Intellectual Property

Value Proposition      

Translate the barcode, Qr codes, brand, pictures in to text.

Customer Relationship          

Online communities, giving free information for the user.


Google, Website, social media.

Customer Segments    

Everyone that already download and use google goggles.

Cost Structure      

Software, server, administration & IT emloyee

Revenue Streams  




We also try to innovate google goggle’s using scamper


Can identify face of people, so we can know what she/he is name, address, hobby & personality


Online and offline media. If online can connect with social media such as facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.


The information given is faster and more updates.


Add feature of chatting.

Put to other uses      

Google Goggles look likes social media, with the search engine which is can find our identity of friend with pictures.


Eliminate the standard content such as text searching


Google Goggles not only as search engine but also as social media for chatting and sharing information.


Innovate SBM ITB using SCAMPER

Innovation is a soul of every product and institution in the world. SBM ITB is a best business school in Indonesia, to keep their existence they have to keep innovate, one of the method that they could use to innovate is SCAMPER. I’ll try to help SBM to innovate using SCAMPER


Substitute the lecturer with a computer


Combine SBM from learning center into entertainment and learning center, by combine sbm with shopping mall concept


Make a computer lab into game center, so the students can enjoy their spare time to refresh their brain by playing a game


Modify the SBM rooftop that still unused until now, by converting it into restaurant

Put to other uses

Use the campus as a dormitory so the student can stay in SBM


Eliminate all the rules and make the student to take all the responsibility for everything that they wanted to do


Make a new system for the student, give the student a money bonus for every scores that they get, higher score get higher bonus





Facebook Business Model

Facebook is the most booming website in our world right now. Their creativity and innovation to create a platform for people to communicate with others in the cyber world has made Facebook can achieve their position. Their innovation has made a lot of people join facebook. They have made a big potential market for everyone that trying to sell something in facebook. That’s why, even they give the customer a free membership, they are still producing a lot of money from this website, and all this money came from the advertiser that trying to advertise their product. To maintain their position right now, they have to spend a lot of money for innovation and also for their domain, by continuing their Innovation, i am still believe that facebook can hold their prime position and keep moving to the very top.


IDEO is an international design and innovation consultancy. The company helps design products, services, environments, and digital experiences. Additionally, the company has become increasingly involved in management consulting and organizational design.

IDEO (pronounced “eye-dee-oh”) is an award-winning global design firm that takes a human-centered, design-based approach to helping organizations in the public and private sectors innovate and grow.

This is several job that IDEO do :

1. Identify new ways to serve and support people by uncovering latent needs, behaviors, and desires.
2. Envision new companies and brands, design the products, services, spaces, and interactive experiences that bring them to life.
3. Help organizations build creative culture and the internal systems required to sustain innovation and launch new ventures.

The Approach that they used for their consumer is design thinking, definition of design thinking :

Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success.” —Tim Brown, president and CEO

All of IDEO’s work is done in consideration of the capabilities of their clients and the needs of their customers. As they iterate toward a final solution, they assess and reassess their designs. The goal is to deliver appropriate, actionable, and tangible strategies. The result: new, innovative avenues for growth that are grounded in business viability and market desirability.


Sources :

Perusahaan penuh Inovasi,

Apakah hal pertama yang anda pikirkan jika anda ingin membeli barang elektronik secara online ? Pasti semua nya akan berfikir Ya,pasti anda pun berfikir seperti itu, sulit memang untuk menyaingi dalam jual beli barang secara online bertaraf internasional. Selain karena pioneer dalam bidang jual beli barang secara online, pun masih menjadi tempat favorit bagi orang yang ingin melakukan jual beli barang yang berskala internasional, oleh karena itu pun menjadi tempat yang relatif paling komplit dibanding situs jual beli barang elektronik lainnya.

Mari kita tilik secara singkat tentang sejarah adalah sebuah perusahaan perdagangan elektronik multinasional. Jeff Bezos mendirikan perusahaan ini (dengan nama Cadabra) pada bulan Juli 1994 dan situsnya mengudara dengan nama tahun 1995. berawal sebagai toko buku, lalu menjadi penjual DVD, CD, MP3, permainan video dan peralatan elektronik lainnya, dan juga menjual furnitur makanan, minuman serta perhiasan.

Inovasi utama dari adalah jelas sebagai penyedia pasar jual beli secara online yang bertaraf internasional. Sebagai pionir di bidang ini, terus berinovasi dengan jenis barang yang ia sediakan. Ini adalah inovasi yang mereka lakukan di bidang :


Mereka sangat jeli melihat peluang, ia dengan jeli memanfaatkan internet sebagai ruang publik yang luas dan gratis untuk menciptakan pasar jual beli barang elektronik dan barang barang lainnya.


Mereka pun telah melakukan inovasi dalam proses jual beli yang biasanya harus dilakukan secara langsung dan tatap muka, mereka menciptakan proses jual beli baru dimana sang pembeli tidak harus bertemu dengan penjual dan dapat dengan mudah melakukannya melalui internet.

Produk / Jasa

Inovasi yang mereka lakukan adalah dalam bidang jasa penyedia jual beli barang di internet. Mereka juga melakukan inovasi produk dengan memperjualbelikan ebook

Model Bisnis

Mereka menjadi pioneer di bidang ini dan merupakan sebuah inovasi model bisnis yang mereka lakukan.

Namun sekarang seiring dengan berkembangnya zaman, semakin banyak pula situs situs serupa yang menyediakan pasar jual beli secara online, mereka harus melakukan inovasi untuk tetap bertahan dan menjadi yang terdepan di bidang ini. Inovasi yang bisa mereka lakukan untuk tetap menjadi terdepan adalah dengan bekerjasama dengan social media seperti Facebook dan Twitter, mereka bekerjasama dengan social media tersebut dimana mereka bisa melakukan pendekatan secara komunitas, mereka menjadi penyedia dan partner bagi para anggota komunitas yang ingin melakukan jual beli produk.

Cara cepat untuk menghafal

11. Louis Pasteur

12. Galileo Galilei

13. Aristotle

14. Euclid

15. Moses

16. Charles Darwin

17. Shih Huang Ti

18. Augutus Caesar

19. Nicolaus Copernicus

20. Antoine Laurent

Ada cara untuk menghafalkan urutan nama-nama diatas, salah satunya adalah dengan membuat cerita yang terdapat urutan nama-nama tersebut didalamnya, berikut adalah contohnya :

Pada event penghargaan dunia, Louis Pasteur sebel sama Galileo Galilei karena dia mendapatkan penghargaan dobel. Saking sebel nya, dia jadi ngidam timbel Aristotle yang sangat terkenal sedunia. Yang khas di rumah makan tersebut adalah terdapatnya buku buku fabel yang tersimpan di perpustakaan yang dinamakan Euclid. Buku fabel yang terdapat disana ditaruh di mebel mebel buatan Moses yang terbuat dari kayu jati. Namun ketika sedang asik membaca buku, dia bertemu dengan Charles Darwin yang sedang kesal karena ban mobil nya yang kempes sehingga baru saja ia nambal ban. Dia pun bercerita betapa tempat itu bejubel karena sang pemilik toko Shih Huang Ti sedang membagikan tambal ban secara gratis. Semua itu bertujuan untuk mengalahkan Augustus Cesar yang memiliki label sebagai tukang tambal ban terbaik. Dia pun kembali menceritakan kekesalannya kepada Nicolas Copernicus sahabatnya yang tadi pagi membawakan sambel kepadanya sehingga ia mengalami diare di wc dapul rumahnya Antoine Laurent.

How is innovation in my daily life

Innovation is a part of our life, from a simple things into complicated things. I’ll talk about a simple innovation that you do in your daily life. The first innovation is about the dress that you choose everyday, we are trying to innovate in every day, the second thing is food that you ate everyday, if didn’t innovate, then you’ll start to get bored. That’s just the simple innovation that you do in your life, there are still much more things that related to innovation that can keep your daily life alive.

Creative is ?

Why do we need to be creative ?

Every human being is unique, and one thing that can make somebody unique is by being creative, for me creative is the way we look for something in a different way, and different approach. As a human, we need to compete from others, and by being creative, we can stand up and transform our self one step ahead from the others, so we need to be creative to keep us alive. Life is about competition, if we can’t compete, then we’ll be vanished.


What is the most creative company ? Why ?

The most creative company for me is Apple, why ? because the builder of this company is the most creative figure ( Steve Jobs ). He build this company based on creativity. Apple became role model in technology and gadget. The product that they’ve build always become the best product, and become a trend setter product, Why they can achieve it ? Because they are the most creative company in the world.

About creative

Why do we need to be creative ?

Every human being is unique, and one thing that can make somebody unique is by being creative, for me creative is the way we look for something in a different way, and different approach. As a human, we need to compete from others, and by being creative, we can stand up and transform our self one step ahead from the others, so we need to be creative to keep us alive. Life is about competition, if we can’t compete, then we’ll be vanished.


Who is the most creative figure ? Why ?

For me, the most creative figure is Steve Jobs, all the people in the world knew that he is the ” Father ” of creativity . He dare to be different from his competitor at that time, and he still believe that with his creativity, even it’ll take a long time to prove, he’ll beat his competitor and fulfill his dream. Now we can see that his hard work had been paid off. He uses his creativity to rule the world !

my teacher said to define my name, so i’ll try to define it

R = Risk taker 

A = Act

H = Honesty

M = Mind 

A = Achiever

N = Number